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Upward Sports

Welcome To Upward, Where Every Child Is A Winner!

WCC’s Upward Sports Ministry provides positive recreational opportunities for
boys and girls 4yrs old - 5thgrade.  

Our culture has created a “win at all cost” mentality.  “Winners” are defined by the most points, the most trophies, the most championships. 

Upward defines winning as learning and/or teaching lessons in the game of life… lessons that last, long after the season ends. 

Rules unique to Upward Sports are designed to provide positive enjoyable sports experiences for all children. 

In Upward Sports…Every child plays… Every child learns… Every child is a winner!

Upward promotes character and self-esteem in every athlete by:

·        Hosting fun, encouraging, organized sports experiences for kids

·        Including an evaluation system that promotes equal and competitive teams

·        Utilizing a substitution system which allows for equal playing time for all participants

·        Providing coaching that assists skills developments

Parents… if you would like to volunteer, contact us at

Check us out on our WCC Upward Sports facebook page